Sunday, March 20, 2011

Debate - WUDC - Egypt and Tunisia Gone Wrong - Round 5 at OWU

Round five at the Ohio Wesleyan 2011 tournament held in March.

The motion: This House believes that recent regime changes in Egypt and Tunisia will do more harm than good.

First prop: Vermont - Sarah Anders & Rachel Fabian
First opp: Grove City - Kirby Gown & Dayne Batten
Second prop: Grove City - Marc Davis & Kelsey Winther
Second opp: Vermont - Isaac Loeb & Paul Gross

Judges: Martin Paroske, Katie Edgar, Morgan O'Rourke

1st Vermont GL
2nd Vermont AF
3rd Grove City BG
4th Grove City DW

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Debate - WUDC - Obama Has Failed - Public debate at OWU 2011

This is a public debate held at Ohio Wesleyan University in March 2011 on the Friday before their debate tournament. 

Motion: THBT Barack Obama has failed.

The participants were: 
First Prop: Mike WIlson & Brian Farnham, Univ. of Michigan Flint
First Opp: Paul Gross & Isaac Loeb, Univ. of Vermont
Second Prop: Sarah Anders & Rachel Fabian, Univ. of Vermont
Second Opp: Jessica Rakoicz, Univ. of Michigan Flint & Rebekah Smith, Ohio Wesleyan Univ.

Thanks to Ohio Wesleyan Univ. for putting this event on.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Debate - Public - Is Homosexuality un-African?

BBC World Debate: Is Homosexuality un-African? from Ben Cashdan on Vimeo.

Justice Motlhabani reported on this:
Watch my friend Eusebius Mckaiser winner of Masters debate Finals at Botswana Worlds 2011 take on former president of Botswana Festus Mogae at on a BBC debate about homosexuality. Really enjoyed the debate, hope it serves to encourage acceptance of gay people in our society.

The page where the video was found says:

Gay people on the African continent face persecution, imprisonment and even death. “Correctve rapes” continue to be inflicted on lesbians in South Africa’s black townships. In Uganda, lawmakers are promoting a new Anti-Homosexuality Bill. In this debate we bring together gay rights activists and conservative religious groups to ask “Is Homosexuality un-African?”
This World Debate was produced by Ben Cashdan of the Broad Daylight Films Foundation in Johannesburg for BBC World News. With support from the Open Society Iniative for Southern Africa and the Heinrich Boell Stiftung.
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Debate - WUDC - Ecoterrorism - PSU Public Debate 2011

Show Debate held at PSU National's Warm-Up on 04MAR11 on the Resolution:

This House Believes That Eco-Terrorism is a Legitimate Form of Political Protest.

1ST GOV: Loyola Marymount University
1ST OPP: Portland State University
2ND GOV: Regis University
2ND OPP: Seattle University

The audience was allowed to make 1 minute floor speeches following the debate while the guest judges deliberated.

Debate - WUDC - Selling Votes - PSU 2011 Finals

Final Round at the Portland State University 2011 National's Warm-Up.

Resolution: This House Would Grant Citizens the Right to Sell Their Vote

1ST GOV: Regis University
1ST OPP: Portland State University - Evans/Powell
2ND GOV: University of LaVerne
2ND OPP: Portland State University - Baker/Bing

Portland State University Aaron Baker/Lindsay Bing

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Flashpoint Debate Television Reaches Show #416

Protests in Libya have accelerated, the leadership refuses to step down and the country slides towards civil war. Panelists include: Joe Geenty, Allison Hamlin, Tom Dionesotes and Alfred Snider.

Flashpoint is a regular program of issues and ideas sponsored by the Lawrence Debate Union at the University of Vermont.​debateblog/​LDU/​The_Team.html

The Flashpoint website is at​

Flashpoint programs in archive can be found on the ftp site labeled with show number and title (0390showtitle).​~debate/​watch

Thanks to Vermont Community Access Media for their support.​

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Debate - WUDC - Jurors Question Witnesses - NEUDC 2011 Round 3

Round 3 from the Northeast Universities Debating Championship held at Western Connecticut State University in February 2011.

Motion: This House would allow jurors to question witnesses. 

Opening Government -Vermont CL (#3, 78/76, 154)
Opening Opposition - Cornell HR (#4, 75/74, 149)
Closing Government - Vermont GA (#2, 79/78, 157)
Closing Opposition - Cornell YB (#1, 81/80, 161) 

Chair: Alia Bellwood

See tournment results at​usudc/​usudctab0809.html

Debate - WUDC - UN India In, EU -1 - NEUDC 2011 Round 6

Round 6 from the Northeast Universities Debating Championship held at Western Connecticut State University in February 2011.

Motion: This House would give India a permanent seat on the UN Security Council and only allow one seat to a European nation to be selected by the EU.

Opening Government - Cornell YB #2
Opening Opposition - St. John's CM #1
Closing Government - St. John's GP #4
Closing Opposition - Vermont SB #3

Chair: Katie Teubl

See tournment results at​usudc/​usudctab0809.html

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Debate - WUDC - Police Entrapment - NEUDC 2011 Semifinal

A semifinal round from the Northeast Universities Debating Championship held at Western Connecticut State University in February 2011.

This House would legalize police entrapment.

Opening Government - St. John's CM
Opening Opposition - Vermont SB ADVANCED
Closing Government - Claremont CB
Closing Opposition - Vermont DA ADVANCED

Judges: Sam Nelson, Amber Watkins, Alyssa Leventhal

See tournment results at​usudc/​usudctab0809.html

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Glee" Parody by Manchester Debating Union

Latest video from Manchester Debating Union.

Well done!

Debate - WUDC - Civil Disobedience - NEUDC 201 Finals

The final round from the Northeast Universities Debating Championship held at Western Connecticut State University in February 2011.

This House believes that civil disobedience is an essential part of a liberal democracy.

Opening Government - Cornell - Emily Zhang & Danny Blackman
Opening Opposition - Cornell - Ryan Yeh & Alex Bores
Closing Government - Drew Adamczyk & Tom Dionesotes
Closing Opposition - Jessica Bullock & John Sadek

Judges: Jaime Wright, David Hernandez, Steve Llano

First Place - Vermont - Jessica Bullock & John Sadek
Second Place - Vermont - Drew Adamcyk & Tom Dionesotes

See tournment results at​usudc/​usudctab0809.html