Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lecture - Dynamic Public Speaking - Alfred Snider WDI 2003

This a lecture about public speaking and the commandments of dynamism delivered at the 2003 World Debate Institute session at the University of Vermont. The lecture was delivered by program director Alfred Snider.

This is suitable for all debaters in formats where delivery is important, as well as important for succeeding in life. 

The speaker is Alfred Snider of the University of Vermont.​debateblog/​wdi/​Welcome.html

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  1. This was really great. I personally am not interested in debates, but I am learning public speaking as part of my business as a speakers agent representing speakers who are willing to speak for free as part of their business marketing plan.

    I've decided I should learn public speaking myself and feel this video hits on key elements that are of great value to anyone whether they are doing debates, general public speaking, sales presentations, or just in having one-to-one business meetings.

    Thanks for sharing this...