Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Many Policy Debate Videos from James Madison University

James Madison University has many policy debate videos online. Check it out!


This is a place to share debate videos from debate rounds across the country. Most of the videos come from the college debate community, competitive rounds between teams at college debate invitationals.

These videos are for educational purposes only. Each debater in the videotaped debate gave oral consent at the time of the video to be taped and for that video to be posted on a website for public viewing. Any use outside of this purpose must receive consent from the debaters involved in the debate.

Please remember that debate as currently practiced in the debate community is a space for switch-side research intensive debate. You will see college students from all sorts of different universities and backgrounds engaging in discussion, argument, dialogue, deliberation and experimentation. Debaters are asked to role-play and simulate many different perspectives, ideas, philosophies and world views. Just because a video shows a debater making an argument does not necessarily mean that student debater firmly ascribes to that argument, belief or world view. In some senses, debate is a labratory for the exploration of and experimentation with diverse ideas, styles, thought and subjectivities.

If at any moment, you have concern about your video being publicly shared or would like to withdraw consent, please contact the Assistant Director of Debate at JMU Paul Mabrey.

Bard College JS vs West Conn PW U.S. Military Academy Tournament Rd 6 Varsity

Boston College CM vs George Mason LN U.S. Military Academy Tournament Rd 1 Varsity

Central Florida JV vs University of Texas - San Antonio EL Wake Forest University Tournament Rd 1 Varsity

Dartmouth RaRo vs West Georgia DaFe Georgia State University Touranment Rd 5 Varsity

Florida State CoRo vs Vanderbilt PeVa Georgia State University Tournament Rd 4 Novice

Georgetown ArMa vs Wake Forest McMi Georgia State University Tournament Octafinals Varsity

Georgetown ArMa vs Northwestern BeKi Georgia State University Tournament Finals Varsity

George Mason KM vs Rochester BW U.S. Military Academy Tournament Rd 5 Varsity

George Mason LaNi vs Emory AdMu Georgia State University Touranement Rd 2 Varsity

Gonzaga KM vs Georgia LL Wake Forest University Tournament Double-Octafinals Varsity

Kansas KK vs Towson EM Wake Forest University Tournament Rd 5 Varsity

Kentucky RoSw vs Dartmouth ArSm Georgia State University Tournament Rd 1 Varsity

Liberty TW vs Rochester KS U.S. Military Academy Tournament Quarters Varsity

Rochester BW vs Cornell CW U.S. Military Academy Tournament Octafinals Varsity

Vanderbilt WiSt vs Oklahoma GiLe Georgia State University Tournament Rd 3 Varsity

Vermont DC vs Georgeotwn CV Wake Forest University Tournament Rd 2 Varsity

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