Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lecture - WUDC - Deep Strategy - ESU/USA Tour 2011

Deep Strategy: A Worlds Debating Workshop presented by the 2011 ESU/NCA British Tour of the United States from Steve Llano on Vimeo.

This is a workshop on how to develop deep strategies for victory from any position on the table in a WUDC round. The presenters are Ben Jasper and Richard Robinson, the 2011 UK Debate Touring team.

This workshop was conducted at the King's College in the Empire State Building on November 3rd, 2011. It lasts about 2 hours, and ends abruptly because the camera runs out of space. Only 2 minutes of the session were lost as it adjourned quickly after that.

For more information on the British Tour of the United States, contact the English Speaking Union, the National Communication Association, or the Committee on International Discussion and Debate

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