Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lecture - Policy - Novice 3 Flowing

Part three of the Novice Policy Debate Instructional Series, produced in 1999 by the World Debate Institute and Debate Central. Produced in cooperation with the Open Society Institute and the Lawrence Debate Union​debateblog/​LDU/​The_Team.html 

Topic: Flowing. Special note taking techniques will make speaking and debating much easier.

Sorry about the grainy video from 1999, but the sound is good and the concepts are still sound.

Speakers in this series: Alfred Snider, Justin Morgan Parmett, Jackie Massey, Andy Ellis and special presentations by Maxwell Schnurer and John Jester.

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  1. What about multi-sheet flowing? with each argument on its own sheet? My school is trying to get all of us to switch to that