Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Debate - WUDC - Illegal Downloading is Unethical - WSDA 2011

This is a demonstration debate in the WUDC format on the motion, This House believes that illegal downloads of music and video from the Internet are unethical.

First Proposition:
Zan Zveplan, Slovenia & Filip Dobranic, Slovenia
First Opposition:
Stephen Boyle, Ireland & Anna Kerr, Slovenia
Second Propoisition:
Madeline Murphy Hall, USA & Amanda Frank, USA
Second Opposition:
Serban Pitic, Romania & David Moscovici, Romania

The audience decision was for the Second Opposition. 

This took place at the Third World Schools Debate Academy, held 2-9 July 2011 in the beautiful Julian Alps, Kranjska Gora, Slovenia and held at the lovely Hotel Kompas, a fabulous four star hotel in a wonderful location.

The event was attended by over 130 people from 19 countries, including Macedonia, Italy, Sweden, Czech Republic, Ireland, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, Germany, Qatar, Venezuela, Lithuania, Romania, Slovenia, the USA, Italy, Hong Kong and the UK. 

The program is sponsored by ZIP SLovenia (vimeo.com/​user5582136) and the World Debate Institute University of Vermont USA (debate.uvm.edu/​debateblog/​wdi/​). The director of the program is Bojana Skrt of ZIP and the director of instruction is Dr. Alfred Snider of the University of Vermont. 

High school students, trainers, teachers and coaches are welcome to attend future sessions. For more information, go to debateacademy.net/​Debate_Academy/​WSDA_Slovenia.html .

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  1. the debate was very intriguing!
    just watched and felt myself in Slovenia again watching this live!
    thanks for posting the video!