Friday, December 17, 2010

Now Available in Mobile Device Mode

iPhone & Intel Mobile DeviceImage by Somewhat Frank via Flickr

All of the debate blogs that I am associated with now have mobile browsing versions. When you connect to them through your mobile device, it automatically shows you a less bandwidth intensive version but preserves all of the content and many of the pictures.

Now, get all of your debate info on the move as well as on your desktop.

Global Debate 

Debate Video

World Debate Institute 

Flashpoint Television

International Debate Academy

All of my other blogs connected with classes, etc. are also now available in mobile versions.

Personal blog -
Presidential Campaign Rhetoric -
Persuasion -
Rhetoric of Ivan Illich -
Rhetoric of Reggae Music -
Reggae Lunch -
College of Musical Knowledge -
Argument and Decision -
African American Rhetoric -

Happy browsing on the move!
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