Monday, December 13, 2010

Debate - WUDC - Guaranteed Income - IDAS 2010 Exhibition

Debate - WUDC - Guaranteed Income - IDAS 2010 Exhibition from Alfred Snider on Vimeo.

This is the opening exhibition debate from IDAS 2010.

Motion: This House would grant an income to all citizens without the requirement of work.

First Government: Anna Kerr, Stephen Boyle
First Opposition: Gavin Ilsley, Rhydian Morgan
Second Government: Jessica Bullock, John Sadek
Second Opposition: Filip Dobranic, Maja Cimerman

Commentary between speeches about speaker roles for those new to the format by Loke Wing Fatt of Singapore. 

No decision was announced. 

International Debate Academy Slovenia is in its eighth year, and is a program of Za in Proti Slovenia (​web/​) and the World Debate Institute University of Vermont USA (​debateblog/​wdi/​Welcome.html). In 2010 it had 120 attendees from 24 countries and took place in lovely Hotel Spik in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia. 

The program was sponsored by generous support from the Bickell & Brewer Foundation, the Europe for Citizens Program and by the European Union.

For more information, check out​idas.html​

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