Sunday, August 16, 2009

Debate - WUDC - Ban Space Exploration - Serbia

Debate - WUDC - Ban Space Exploration - Serbia from Alfred Snider on Vimeo.

This debate took place at the Serbia Summer Debate Tournament held at Divcibare, Serbia in July 2009.

The motion:
This House would abandon space exploration.

Opening Prop:
Milan Vignevic & Marko Cirovicv, Belgrade FON
Opening Opp:
Viktor Prlja & Goran Jankulovski, Belgrade
Closing Prop:
Ivan Stahojevic & Andjela Milivojevic
Closing Opp:
Dino Ibisbegovic & Sloba Trivic

The teams that advanced were:
Viktor & Goran
Dino & Sloba

Serbia Summer Debate Camp
Milan Vignevic

Video by Alfred Snider

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  1. the debate is really great I'm amazed of how they support their own side....