Friday, August 21, 2009

Debate - NFA LD - Finals of Debate Cooperative

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From John Boyer:

The final round from the 2009 NFA-LD Debate Cooperative is online. A special thanks goes out to Nick Garcia from the Ohio State University for recording and uploading this round. I expect more videos of the camp lectures to be uploaded in the coming weeks. Subscribing to Nick's youtube feed will ensure that you receive e-mail alerts when a new camp video is posted.

You can view the final round between Western Kentucky University's Frank Murdock (AFF) and Lafayette College's James Hilbert (NEG) here:

It is my hope that the video will provide an excellent instructional opportunity for NFA-LD debate. Students can watch the debate and practice evaluating it in terms of rendering a decision, in addition to just using the video for flowing practice.

John Boyer

NFA-LD Debate Cooperative

Debate Coach
Lafayette College

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