Thursday, August 14, 2008

World Debate Institute College Policy Final Round

The final round was won on a 3-0 decision:

[AFF] Zac Hartkopp (JCCC) & Derek Ziegler (Kansas State) defeat [NEG] Ben Dabiri(Oklahoma) & Jen Cox (Oklahoma).

Resolved: that the United States Federal Government should substantially reduce its agricultural support, at least eliminating nearly all of the domestic subsidies, for biofuels, Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, corn, cotton, dairy, fisheries, rice, soybeans, sugar and/or wheat.

Part One

Part Two


  1. Geezo - The 2AC is the only one that isn't absolute garbage. well i take that back. the 2N is pretty good, too emotional tho. if she would get way from the damn laptop and actually paper flow then a quarter of her cx and prep would be cut back. I would have rocked out the kritik on the neg; and would baffle mr. kool cat 1AR to actually ARGUE:1AR can't go 15 seconds w/o stumbling over himself and stuttering; spreading evidence AND spreading argumentation is hard for some. Overall, i would partner-up with the 2N, but the others? LMAO, do they have schlrshps??? or gov't grants? i hope not. oh yeah, the 1N did double-turn himself in the cx, i caught it immediately. thank God the 2N did b/c i laughed my a$$ off. really? 2x turning urself in cx? absolutely pathetic. how did the neg even break, and make the finals? the 2A...YOU PASS BUDDY. the others??? i think u no.

  2. who the fuck are you and what is your problem?