Sunday, August 3, 2008

Debate - BP Security Cameras in City Centers

The super-intensive five-day WUDC training workshop held at the World Debate Institute at the University of Vermont concluded on Friday. After eight rounds of debate during the week the scores were totaled and the top four teams were invited to a grand final round, and twenty attendees agreed to judge.

The four teams were: 1st government Emily Barkdoll & Ethan Backus of Vermont, 2nd government Joshua Miller & Mandy Frank of Vermont, 1st opposition Lee Richmond & Garret Valdez of Tennessee Tech, 2nd opposition ANONYMOUS & Scott Crespo of Cornell. After totalling the ranks, it was Joshua Miller & Mandy Frank of Vermont with 53 points, and the next closest was Lee Richmond & Garrett Valdez of Tennessee Tech with 25.

The motion was: This House would put security cameras in the public places of city centers.

1 comment:

  1. Am I the only resident of this neighborhood who feels a little safer with these cameras installed, especially during the summer when rowdy behavior seems to escalate