Saturday, February 9, 2013

Debate - WUDC - Decriminalize Self Harm - IDAS 2012 Demo Debate

Debate - WUDC - Decriminalize Self Harm - IDAS 2012 Demo Debate from Alfred Snider on Vimeo.

Demonstration debate by IDAS faculty.

This video was made at the 2012 International Debate Academy Slovenia instructional program held in November 2012 at Hotel Spik in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia and with a tournament held at the Faculty of Administration at the University of Ljubljana.

IDAS is a cooperative program of Za in Proti/Center for the Culture of Dialog and the World Debate Institute at the University of Vermont. In 2012 over 170 individuals from over 28 countries attended.

The website is at

The program has also been associated with and part of the ACTA-Active Citizens Take Action program, supported by the European Union, Europe for Citizens Progam, Action 2 – Active Civil Society in Europe, Measure 3 – Support for projects initiated by civil society organizations. ZIP is the primary organizer and cooperated with 13 NGOs from various European countries.

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