Thursday, March 22, 2012

Debate - WUDC - Portugal's Youth Should Emigrate - Tornadu nationals (in Portuguese)

About Tornadu - National Debate Tournament College

The National Debate Tournament College 2012 (Tornadu) is a milestone for the movement of competitive debates in Portugal, less than four years after the founding of the first debating society. 24, 25 and 26 February, the Port hosted the largest competition held some discussions around here, joining 40 teams and over 100 students from various institutions of higher education. In a critical moment for the country, it is urgent that blooms a critical generation. Made whole youth informed, tolerant and participatory, with the audacity to think and speak clearly.
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On days 24, 25 and 26 February 2012, the Port receives more than one hundred students from Universities and Polytechnics for the National Debate Tournament College (Tornadu).The aim is to discuss various topics and [almost] anything can arise. Justice to the environment, the economy of medical ethics; takes good discussions and it is defensible on both sides can result in a motion in one of our debates, where you have 15 minutes to prepare a position that may not be your and 7 minutes to defend it.

The competitive debate was born about two hundred years in Britain and spread throughout the world, where there are hundreds of debating societies at leading universities. In Portugal, the business was born in 2008, but has seen a remarkable growth in health clubs such as Porto, Lisbon, Braga and Vila Real. Portuguese speakers travel the world confronting students from other countries: learning, sharing, competing and making friends.

Whether you're preparing yourself for international competitions, or you have never debated in life, it is a unique opportunity to aprimorares your communication skills and analysis of complex problems, you gain confidence in public speaking and get to know fun and interesting people .

Tornadu: "He who sows the wind, reap the whirlwind."

"This House would support the emigration of young Portuguese with more academic qualifications" - Video Final Tornadu 2012. The End of Tornadu, Nat Tournament ...
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7:30Tornadu 2012 - Final - 1/8 - 1st Government - John Mende ... by TornaduPortugal224views
  2. 2Thumbnail
7:36Tornadu 2012 - Final - 2/8 - 1st Opposition - Peter Cos TornaduPortugal64views
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7:33Tornadu 2012 - Final - 3/8 - 1st Government - Diogo Mach ... by TornaduPortugal40views
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7:24Tornadu 2012 - Final - 4/8 - 1st Opposition - Helder Al TornaduPortugal27views
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7:49Tornadu 2012 - Final - 5/8 - 2nd Government - James Lara ... by TornaduPortugal53views
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6:54Tornadu 2012 - Final - 6/8 - 2nd Opposition - John Mare TornaduPortugal41views
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7:29Tornadu 2012 - Final - 7/8 - 2nd Government - Ricardo Fr TornaduPortugal15views
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7:53Tornadu 2012 - Final - 8/8 - 2nd Opposition - Joseph Duar TornaduPortugal

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