Saturday, March 19, 2011

Debate - WUDC - Obama Has Failed - Public debate at OWU 2011

This is a public debate held at Ohio Wesleyan University in March 2011 on the Friday before their debate tournament. 

Motion: THBT Barack Obama has failed.

The participants were: 
First Prop: Mike WIlson & Brian Farnham, Univ. of Michigan Flint
First Opp: Paul Gross & Isaac Loeb, Univ. of Vermont
Second Prop: Sarah Anders & Rachel Fabian, Univ. of Vermont
Second Opp: Jessica Rakoicz, Univ. of Michigan Flint & Rebekah Smith, Ohio Wesleyan Univ.

Thanks to Ohio Wesleyan Univ. for putting this event on.

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