Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Debate Documentary Shows USA Policy Debate


Debate Team is a documentary exploring the weird subculture of competitive college debate. Competitors battle at 360 words per minute, hauling around mountains of evidence called “cards” and nearly every debate ends in global nuclear annihilation. 
The Documentary premiered at the San Francisco Documentary Film Festival in 2008 and then made it's television premiere on KQED, Public Television for the Bay Area in 2009. The film won critical praise from the San Francisco Chronicle, earning four out of five stars.


  1. 360 words a minute....what about elocution? Why has policy debate become an absurd rant of unintelligible argument with debaters sucking in their breath to spew out rapid fire non-sense. If there is not enough real time to get arguments out, compression of thought to beat the clock is unethical. As a judge both teams lose if they follow this format. Whoever took debate in this direction?

  2. This is rubbish ...