Thursday, September 3, 2009

Debate Video Traffic Report

Most of the videos I have used on the DEBATE VIDEO site have been Google Videos but now that Google Video is not accepting anymore uploads we have switched to Vimeo at and it seems to be working very well.

Traffic is fairly good at Google and picking up at Vimeo.

The most viewed Google Video is the finals from Cork Worlds with 29,000 views, and the least viewed is one about why I personally joined debate with 11 views. The rest of the 181 videos on Google are somewhere in between.

The Vimeo videos are picking up now, with 74 videos posted they are getting about 500-600 views a week, which is pretty good. The top video is a WUDC debate from last spring about state funding of art with 943 views and the least watched of the 74 is a lecture about third speeches in the WSDC format starring Debbie Newman at 1 view. Wow, Debbie Newman is an incredible lecturer and debate teacher, so I am sure it will pep up.

No real indication of how many plays we are getting through the other systems, like the general video file archive at;O=D where there seems to be a lot of traffic but we do not have a counter there and I am told cannot install one.

We are glad and proud to be offering so many debate related videos and have so many people watch them.

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