Monday, January 5, 2009

WUDC Finals 2009 - Ban Abortion at all Stages of Pregnancy

This House would ban abortion at all stages of pregnancy

University College Cork, Ireland, January 2009
Held in Cork City Hall Auditorium

1G Monash B (Ravi Dutta & Victor Finkel)
1O Oxford A (James Dray & Will Jones)
2G Harvard A (Cormac Early & Lewis Bollard)
2O Oxford C (Jonathan Leader-Maynard & Alex Worsnip)

After many votes, it was Oxford A 5-4, and rumor has it that Harvard was second.


  1. i thought that Both Government and the Opposition's first argument was a bit weak.... :-/ well first, Prime minister came up with mental stress, but that can be actually used against them if a woman are stuck with a baby she doesn't want for the rest of her life because the law says that you can't have abortion, then obviously she's going to live under emance mental pressure until the day she dies. That pressure's gonna kill either woman or the baby... or perhaps even both. Also as for Oxford, I think the Opposition leader was going way to far with the zombie story,(Just as the prime minister pointed out.)and to shorten up what he said, it was just "Women should be allowed to have abortion because she doesn't want the baby" in 80 different sentences. :-/
    I was really looking forward to seeing this debate, and I'm surprised that it was so dissatisfactory.
    (To be honest I didn't even finish watching this.... I'm in the middle of the Opposition leader's speech.)
    Anyways thank you for putting this video up for everyone to watch!

  2. How can one say that the debate was so dissatisfactory when one has only watched till 1st Opp?

  3. because they can.

  4. Wow. No man has ever been so indebted to Judith Jarvis Thompson. He should send her flowers or something

  5. At what stage during pregnancy should we ban medically-unnecessary abortion procedures?

  6. What was the first POI at 07:58-08:05 offered by Will Jones? I couldn't catch it clearly.

    "If you think abortion is murder, why should [they take different view whether or not to demonstrate?]"

    I caught it that way. And what was Victor Finkel's Reply?

    "We believe that there are incredible cases of harm in which we can mitigate and [fix] the harm in this case. It's exactly the same way that self-defense, ladies and gentlemen, is a justification for taking a life."

    The ones in square brackets are the ones that I could not catch clearly. Your help is much appreciated. :)

    Novice Debater,

  7. Marcel, I believe he asked:

    If you think abortion is murder, why should it make any difference to you whether the woman was raped?

    And the word instead of [fix] is [balance].

    Good luck!

  8. why is this video not playing anymore? do the links stop working over time...?

  9. Google videos doesn't exist anymore. (Google bought YouTube instead.)