Thursday, December 18, 2008

Debate - BP Military vs. Pirates - WUPID Finals

Final Round, World Universities Peace Invitational Debates 2008, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Sponsored by CIMB Group.

THW use the military against Somali pirates.

1st Govt University of Vermont, Lucas Caress & Sam Natale
1st Opp Ateneo de Manila, Eleano Zosa & Michael Biscocho
2nd Govt Monash, Victor Finkel & Amit Goldin
2nd Opp Sydney, Julia Fetherston & Tim Mooney

Decision: 1 Monash, 2 Sydney, 3 Vermont, 4 Ateneo de Manila


  1. Another great motion... I wonder, was the one about how all democracies should abolish their police taken?

  2. To be fair, I guess the Neg can argue a counter motion of having private mercenaries hired by the ships instead...

  3. The member of government is Amit *Golder* not Amit Goldin - the text supporting this video is inaccurate